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I was a first time buyer, but I WILL NEVER order from this site again! Bonanza needs to let customers know when an item is from an international seller (like sellers from China). I was unaware of this and ordered an item from Bonanza for my son's Christmas gift. When the item arrived it was NOT what I ordered. When contacting the seller, all they offered was a refund on my purchase. They have NO customer service skills, and did not even offer to replace it or have me return it at their expense. They made the mistake, and neither the seller (Avivcoe) nor Bonanza has stepped up to make this right. If I had ordered something from Amazon, and they made a mistake, they would have immediately taken care of this. DO NOT order anything from Bonanza, as they will not help if something goes wrong. Make sure when you order online, to order from a viable company like Amazon. At least they make the effort to make sure you get what you ordered, or fix it if it’s not.

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  • warthog99 commented  · 

    Bonanza has always been helpful to me. It's a bit unfair to blame the entire site for a bad experience.

  • Tigger9569 commented  · 

    I had the very same experience. When I ordered my item (09 Dec) I was pleased that it was shipped the very next day (10 Dec) from Indonesia with the delivery date being 21 December. I paid almost $11.00 for shipping alone. When 21 December came and went with no delivery, I checked status of shipment, and then I was informed "Your item has been processed through a facility in NANJING EMS, CHINA at 4:53 pm on December 22, 2017." I find this all VERY misleading and will never order from Bonanza again.

  • KimberlyM1230 commented  · 

    I agree, my products were not how they appeared on line and from China and arrived 2 days after Christmas, was shipped on Dec. 8th. I cannot find a return policy anywhere nor a customer service phone number. I will not be back.

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