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Additional search option for sellers that are also Bonanza members (similar to seller rating search option).

When searching for a product, search options allow you to search by seller ratings. But there is currently no way to search for sellers that are Bonanza members.

The only way I’ve found to idenify Bonanza member booths is via the Member icon designation as part of the seller information when viewing a specific item listing. I didn’t even realize for the longest time that there were different much smaller member icons on the seller’s booth header and profile header.

But there’s no way I can find to search for Bonanza members directly (without having to manually open essentially every listing in a category or whatever to see which sellers are also Bonanza members).

Would be nice to be able to search for items listed by Bonanza members and possibly other types of seller searches (like sellers within so many miles of my zip or within my area or region).

At the very least, it would be nice to be able to search for Bonanza members via the Community website if not through product searches directly.

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