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Intregrate / partner with Shippo like you currently do with ShipStation

I currently use ShipStation for shipping all of my Amazon/eBay/Bonanza orders. The current integration with Bonanza allows all of my orders to be imported to ShipStation and tracking information is automatically sent back to Bonanza when I ship. Being able to ship all my orders from one service makes life much easier and minimizes errors.

Now that eBay is implementing their Guaranteed Shipping Delivery many eBay sellers that use ShipStation will have to switch to Shippo (goshippo.com) for shipping from multiple venues. Shippo is already partnered Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify as well as others,

Any chance of getting Bonanza and Shippo integrated?

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  • megafan commented  · 

    I use Shippo and would like to see Shippo integration as well.

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