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How about a total Handmade section?

I would love to see a Handmade Section for those that handmake things...

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Kathy_W_Kathy_W_ shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • DGGMDesignsDGGMDesigns commented  · 

    I too would love to see a dedicated section for Handmade items. I make tote bags of all sizes and Sea Shell Jewelry, etc. Most buyers will not spend a lot of time digging through unrelated categories to locate handmade items. A Handmade Only category would draw more sellers to Bonanza.

  • LolaR10LolaR10 commented  · 

    This would be a TERRIFIC idea. My jewelry is natural stones, nothing is DUPLICATED EVER, even wedding items, so the bridesmaids have a special one of a kind item to wear, to remind them of how special they were to be chosen to be a bridesmaid to begin with!! All my items are meticulously crafted, however, no one KNOWS this unless they stumble on my site by accident. I just joined but can't find myself!!

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