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Allow us to edit a comment we make when responding to someone's post within the community

Pretty please. Just a little bit of leeway. Etsy has it where after submitting a comment, we are given a little bit of time to edit in case there is a typo....or like in one of the comments I left on Bonanza in response to a co-seller, I did a total flop and could not go back and edit it. I tried to explain in another comment what I meant in the comment I messed up on, but it was too late...all it did was add more confusion. Not a good thing. Could have been an easy fix.

Thanks for reading my suggestion,


Or, give us one edit available per comment we leave.

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  • EmbellishMart commented  · 

    I support this but dont want to spend a vote for it, since I post another comment to correct the mistake I may have made in the one before. The number of successive comments I can make seems unlimited.

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