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Link pictures with variations

I have been selling online on different platforms for several years. I started selling on bonanza just recently and have comparatively had no sales while am doing very well on all other major platforms e.g. Amazon, Ebay, groupon and Jet.com

I believe Bonanza lacks two fundamental aspects:

1) not being able to link pictures with variations. This is one of the most fundamental parts of on online selling site. I cant believe Bonanza has been around for so long and has not added this feature. Many of the products I sell have unique colors which need to be linked with the pictures. When a customer selects a particular color, the product, in that selected color appears to the right.

This feature will facilitate the customer buying experience and leverage sales as well.

2) There should be some basic requirements regarding picture quality. Such as a particular size, a while background etc. This also enhances the product appearance and has the potential to leverage sales.

I look forward to upgrading to a paid service on Bonanza when at least am able to link my variations with pictures.

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  • EmpressDepot commented  · 

    Interesting, I never knew that different sellers sold on jet.com, thought it was just one big company like a sole proprietor. I love the jet.com website and have been a repeat customer a few times. It is simple and easy to understand. Highly recommend it as a comparison....even though Bonanza is also awesome but every site is not perfect and needs fine tuning in one way or another.

  • fireflylake commented  · 

    I would also like to see pics associated directly with the variations. I have had problems with people seeing a photo and being confused as to which variation it is. I sell fishing lures and the colors are not always obvious without the pics -- colors like shad or firetiger. As to the comment on listing separately I am having to do that. It introduces a lot more listings and pretty much eliminates the value of the eBay sync.

  • ShortyAngel35 commented  · 

    I agree with you. Because some sellers (not you) can screw a person over by not allowing this. I bought a pair of converse sneakers (black) and the guy sent me black/white ones. Because the pictures don't link up to each different option, then they get away with this.

  • gearseller2 commented  · 

    I think you have not sought out the info you need as pictures can be enhanced and sizes and colors can be listed individually in sales forms. Lots to read before you just starting listing items based on other sites.

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