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Remove the "search walmart for reviews" link on the item pages!!

My name is Kimberly by the way. I ensure you will become familiar with it. I intend to boost Bonanza with a passion... The link removes the buyer from the item page of that seller, and away from Bonanza altogether to a separate retail site that new buyers would even feel more comfortable and familiar with. It also forces us sellers to compete with Walmart... Walmart! If they are selling the item at a low price, the customer will purchase it there instead with free shipping as well. I suggest an in house review system which can even provide tokens for reviews, and ask buyers to rate product along with rating the seller. I think that system would be even better, as our items here are more unique, may be vintage, and also sometimes used. People will also feel more unified and secure, making in house reviews a community experience. Something to Top Ebay and Amazon... they are trying to push the whole "Follow" sellers idea (Facebook like community) because it will work, but they are lacking in its Implementation. If you automatically make people you have bought and sold to an accessible list for people you can tie in the reviews idea like this... You click on the item and reviews from people you have dealt with or know (organically added friends) will appear automatically at the top. Cant get any more trust worthy than that. People then learn what their loved ones like, their taste, and style which makes it easier to buy presents for (another traffic driver). If you make reviews public on a persons profile, It will weed out more negative unfair reviews ( no one wants to be considered the whiner! lol).

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  • BackTalkCafe commented  · 

    So glad you said this as I have high end collectibles that were never available from Walmart and it cheapens my listings to see that Walmart thing there.

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