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get phone support. 24 hours to get a question answered is a lot of money that isnt coming in

man this writing for 15 minutes to ask a question and then 24 hours for a reply is very time consuming. no wonder sales are so low

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  • superiorcdsound1 commented  · 


  • carusso_distributing commented  · 

    Get a phone number for sellers and buyers. You are growing and need to spend the money on this! I think half the people that contact you are satelite workers and really just get paid by the job. You want to be with the big boys like eBay-Amazon etc. time to grow up now....get a phone number!

  • carusso_distributing commented  · 

    Emailing is wonderful, but I think at this point with the amount of sellers you have, a phone support line would be benificial.

  • HilaryL18 commented  · 

    Ive looked into phone support for my own company and it runs between $500-1500 to have a dedicated call center team. It would more then pay for itself on this site.

  • HilaryL18 commented  · 

    Why do you not have a 1-800 number? You miss out on so many sales because you make it hard for people to contact you. Not a great first experience for me at all.

  • CRresale commented  · 

    Communication sucks, have 100 imports ready to sell, can't even get site up, Unacceptable!! No contact, is not good at all. Find a better way of communication and maybe ill be back.

  • the_ottoman commented  · 

    This is without a doubt the worst Seller Support Center on the planet!! They don't provide anything!! I have been with eBay for 15 years and to cancel a sale and get your Seller Fee back is about a 45sec solution. Here you have to get a photograph and send it in and then if you have a question you have to send an email and then wait 48 hours for them to get back to you???? Who does that?? Not competent up-to-date companies!!! Get onboard with the modern day companies!!

  • disneydvdvault commented  · 

    Honestly I think their email support works fine, while I don't think phone support should be reserved exclusively to Titan members (maybe give us 1 free call a month as a Silver member, 2 for Gold?), their email support is usually very quick for me.

  • dillondistributors commented  · 

    Agree 100%! I left 3 emails, no response. And NO PHONE support!!


  • FrankR003 commented  · 

    This is crazy No Phone support I'm getting ready to pack it in and go back to ebay At least you can call them and get answers !!!!!!!!

  • bonzuser_qewpu commented  · 

    Buy telephones and hire human beings. This allows you to "speak" to your customers. You might find this advantageous to your business. Or you just might not give a damn. I wonder which one?

  • otdavid587 commented  · 

    You desperately need to have a help line that actually interacts with sellers so that they are not kept waiting while the buyer becomes sick of waiting and just cancels the sale. People who are in charge of Bonanza, please do not think in terms of what the cost will be to run a 24 hour help line now but please think in terms of how much future money that can be made by resolving issues regarding the sale. This in turn will result in happier (less frustrated)sellers and buyers who will return many times and Bonanza will no doubt recoup any money spent.

  • DorrisR commented  · 

    I agree with this comment Dorris R

  • mopka commented  · 

    Agree 100%! I left an email 5 days ago, no response. And NO PHONE support!!!! Stone age!

  • FrankR003 commented  · 

    Try adding a contact number, I can't find one anywhere on your site. Your taking my money, add a number !!

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