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Please do not give a customer an opportunity to ask if the price is flexible

Hello Bill and Mark. Could you please re-consider allowing a potential buyer to check off the area on "is this price flexible." As it stands now, shoppers can choose to click in this area when they ask the seller a question from one of their listings and also when a listing is added to their wishlist. I already set my listings at the lowest I can go. I cannot go lower, which is why I do not offer OBO on my listings. It will set the potential buyer up for a let down and to think of the confusion the buyer would feel when I contact them back and say I do not negotiate on my prices (said politely of course). For sellers that do negotiate, that's what OBO on listings is for. Thanks for taking into consideration as this is a serious concern to me, Sharon

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    Something must have changed from what I remember. It appears as though shoppers can no longer ask if the price is negotiable if they are sending the seller a question from within the listing...but shoppers can still check this off if they are adding the listing to their wish list. It really really needs to be taken off for sellers that do not deal in OBO. It's just not fair or good business forcing sellers to have this blurb on there when they have their booth settings as not offering OBO.



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