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Make more search suggestions come up in search when the exact item is not found

Hi. It does not seem as if Bonanza makes really great suggestions for when an exact item is not found when using certain keywords in the Bonanza search box.

For example, I've got some taper candles by Hallmark in their Keepsake brand:

Hallmark Keepsake Taper Advent Candles

Since this is so specific and somewhat rare, no one has this on Bonanza.

So, I'm thinking about some suggestions (similar to) Bonanza might give me but nothing comes up. And nothing comes up when placing Hallmark Taper Candles in the search box either except for one listing.

I know I could change the keywords around to get better results, but I'm thinking, isn't pushing for sales is what it is about, too, as in suggest to the shopper similar items all on our own?

Try these keywords: Advent Taper Candles
Only so many listings come up when in fact, Bonanza could put something under the listings that comes up to show something like "similar items found" or "similar matches found."

Hope this helps.

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