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Quit showing items "sold" when they are not paid for.

I know when items are really sold when I receive notification from Paypal. When items show sold according to Bonanza booth, they actually aren't. Because of this it may show I haven't shipped them item out.

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Recycled_relics shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • The_Fashion_House commented  · 

    Instant payment required would solve this problem. Items are not sold until they have been paid for, it would save a lot of time for sellers dealing with customers who do not pay.

  • PhiShippingDeals commented  · 

    Yes! Fix this!
    Most of the times they only make an offer and rarely checkout!
    So what about Boosting your sales etc?300%???really?
    These are fake sales!i am very dissapointed with bonanza.
    I paid 24$ today to boost sales and nothing happens.
    I want real sales not fake.

  • shopswapsell commented  · 

    Do you have more then one payment type set-up (or no payment type set up)?

    I don't have this issue on Bonanza, though I do on another selling site.

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