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Add a request for feedback button for sellers

For every transaction i make we send a thank you note and a feedback request message..sometimes customers give a positive feedback just by replying to that message which is not getting to the feedback page... So by creating a request feedback button the seller can click on the link so that it will leave an automated email for the buyer with the link to seller account in which they can post their feedback or they can just click on the auto generated feedback which Bonanza already has it.

If this is done it will help both the Seller and Buyer to post/receive a feedback which helps to grow the business.

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  • PamjoloPamjolo commented  · 

    Thank you for your purchase, I sincerely appreciate your business, Please remember to leave positive feedback once you get your purchase deleivered and are satisfied. I'll do everything that I can to ensure customer satisfaction. If you have an issue with anything at all, I'm just an email away. Again, Thank you!! Pam

  • InstantSellInstantSell commented  · 

    400 Sales - feedback left only 20 ... despite the fact that I constantly urged them to leave feedback for us. +3

  • tulus2tulus2 commented  · 

    Absolutely! I send thank you notes as well and on ebay I keep up with feedback in hopes that customers will do the same. On eBay only about 1/2 of customers leave feedback, so finding ways to get buyers to leave more feedback would be fabulous!

  • shopswapsellshopswapsell commented  · 

    I include a link to the leave feedback page for my buyers

    **HINT** It's hard to find Bonanza!

  • frillytosillyfrillytosilly commented  · 

    A restock fee handles items that are sent "Free Shipping". When a refund is given, it is minus the original shipping charge.

  • ozinohioozinohio commented  · 

    Just like sellers have to live by their word, the buyers should do the same.... If a seller takes the time to state everything very clear in the description so even a seeing eye dog can comprehend and buyers dont read it, then that is not the sellers fault... The buyer should not be punished by having to cancel an item or purchase at all as it only leads to feedback abuse... I personally like HRC pins but i look at them all carefully and as i have over 9000 pins, ( few doubles to trade with, maybe 200 or so ) i am awfully fussy and dont just bid for the fun of it... Ebay buyers abuse the system such as i have just experienced and they ( ebay ) do not at all care and i can see bonanza buyers going in the same direction. I have made my directions in my items crystal clear and if a buyer only looks at pretty pictures, i will not be at fault. Personally i am selling off my collectibles and once they are gone, i say goodbye to all of this mess... I dont care about the postage as the USPS has stated their costs and if the buyer does not like it, then the buyer has 2 options. he or she should buy a plane ticket and fly to cleveland OH to pick ir up personally from me or simply buy out the post office and alter the price of the shipping costs to suit themselves. Mind you though, the ticket will cost about 300.00 ( Ca to Oh ) at maximum and the package would be under 7.00 ( priority mail ) . Then we will see if they like the postage or not. However what i have found out that by taking a picture of the package and sending it to the buyer through the site it was purchased from , shows the site all was done at the sellers end and the buyers feet are tied. A lot of times the buyers move residence and they do not change their address in either e bay or bonanza and we sellers have to then become telepathic and know where to ship items. If the address is not updated, sellers cannot be at fault if it goes to the wrong destination. It takes a bit of time ( maybe a minute for the buyers to alter the address ) and i feel it is worth it... Those people that cannot get their eyes off Maury Pauvich or Jerry Springer for a couple of minutes to make the details correct and have it shipped correctly, dont deserve to be on here at all..... I purposely use stamps on my packages as most people are lazy and like pre paid printed stickers...The stamps also indicate who the seller was for the buyer as i send pics of the package so the buyer knows what to expect in the mail as stamps are barely used in present days...On top of that if the buyer is a stamp collector, it is a plus.. Tracking is a must as so many e bay bidders abuse the system in the past and now has made a bad name for all...If buyers do not like the care we sellers go into to make sure all is completed with success, then they should not buy anything. Unfortunately it only takes 1 rotton apple in the case to destroy the rest and i feel that was done years ago in ebay. Those people that do not like my views, i say tuff ..DONT READ IT!!!! To all you others that have brains between your shoulders , i hope you have learnt something here and please make use of the bonanza blocked bidders list as that is what it is there for....I just transposed all my ebay blocked list to the bonanza in case other used the same usernames. have a nice day...OIO

  • brilliancywithinbrilliancywithin commented  · 

    cancel an order after the item has been shipped out, just damages the seller. Even if the item gets returned, the seller still loses the postage. Simply think before buying this is the easiest way

  • bonzuser_jtagmbonzuser_jtagm commented  · 

    These comments are directed to ActionPackedOutdoors. Actually Amazon does have a cancel option. Most major retailers have a cancel option. Of course you'd have to have a point beyond which the buyer cannot unilaterally cancel a transaction. Not allowing a buyer to cancel an order placed in error or simply because he/she has had a change of heart is something you expect when buying from a swap meet--not a legitimate business.

  • ActionPackedOutdoorsActionPackedOutdoors commented  · 

    I don't like this idea because if buyers have the ability to cancel orders then they can place a $1000 have you make or buy that item and then without your approval just cancel it. And then you'd be out of your materials and time wasted.

    Also what would happen if the buyer cancelled the order after you ship it out?

  • PSchmidt5PSchmidt5 commented  · 

    Iam new to bonanza. I placed a order and ended up with two orders for the same item. Iam trying to cancel both orders cause i would not get them in time. Cant find a way to cancel

  • bonanzacorabonanzacora commented  · 

    Sometimes new Bonanza buyers do not know how to reach out to sellers to cancel orders they have made by mistake. Buyers instead reach out to Bonanza Support which might take a greater amount of time, to relay the information to the buyers and have them contact the sellers, which sometimes may end up being too late (if the order was shipped).

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