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Delay the automatic charging of your debit/credit card once the fees reach $25 or $100 by 16-24h and notify by email in time.

Delay the instant charging of our debit/credit card by 16-24h in order not to pay our bank's conversion fees and have the chance to pay them from PayPal where we have that currency already.

At least 14h delay and an instant email notification because if it reaches the triggered amount exactly when we go to bed, we should be allowed to sleep, wake up, eat and then check our emails and act accordingly.

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MillionDollarSmileMillionDollarSmile shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
MillionDollarSmileMillionDollarSmile shared a merged idea: Create a countdown clock on the billing page for when your debit card will be automatically charged for either $25/$100 or monthly bill.  ·   · 


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  • shopswapsellshopswapsell commented  · 

    My account gets charged monthly, despite being a good standing seller for several YEARS!
    And there is no good warning about paying, I finally had to set up an alert with Google Calendar to pay the fees via paypal in the ... 4 day window :(

  • MillionDollarSmileMillionDollarSmile commented  · 

    So that it gives us time to pay using PayPal so we won't have to go through our bank's conversion fees.

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