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Do away with USPS Retail Ground shipping and replace it with USPS Economy shipping

Alright, this is the second time I've tried to post this idea. So, here goes.

When a seller uses the Calculated option to give their buyers a choice, the options for USPS show Media, Retail Ground, Priority, and Express Priority.

What Bonanza may fail to realize is that the USPS has been going through major changes for a little over a year now in the way they process mail. According to our local Postmaster, in most of the western states and mid-western states such as the Inland part of Washington, The Inland part of Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Inland Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Nebraska, Wisconsin, etc. the USPS now ships mail from many locations to processing centers in only a few locations in each state. And, this goes for all mail including local mail.

Because of this, the Retail Business Ground option (3-5 days delivery guaranteed) is no longer available in a huge number of locations in the US. And, as this USPS way of processing mail continues to expand, the Retail Business Ground option will become unavailable to most of the rural locations in all states and rural states in the US. I live in Montana now, and it is unavailable as an option in all of Montana. So, I know about this first hand.

The Economy Ground USPS option, however, will remain in effect for a long time into the future since it allows 4-14 days for delivery.

So, having a BS in Business (Production Management) and an MBA (Management) and over 30 years in the Corporate World in successful management positions, it seems to me that it is in the best interest of Bonanza to change from the Retail Business USPS option to the Economy USPS option for ground shipping.

Otherwise, like it is now, sellers like me are unable to offer anything but Media, Priority, and Express Priority as shipping options for their buyers. And, unless the item being sold is a book, video, etc. the Media USPS shipping option fails to apply.

I'm in the process of un-listing items on eBay, and Amazon (except for books), and beginning to list on Bonanza as my main selling platform for everything except books because I like a lot of Bonanza's features. And, I currently have roughly 37,000 items I'd like to get listed.

However, if I can't offer my buyers anything but Priority and Express Priority shipping (ungodly expensive), I may change my mind. Being able to offer a potential buyer low cost ground shipping as an option is often the make or break part of completing a sale or the buyer deciding to go elsewhere to buy. If you have a business background, this should be no new news.

So, please make Economy shipping through USPS the ground shipping option. Otherwise, I'm willing to bet that a whole lot of Bonanza sellers will be seriously negatively affected. And, who knows, they may even stop selling on Bonanza. And, potential new sellers may say: "If I can't offer ground shipping as an option, to h_ll with selling on Bonanza." And, no one could blame them.

It might also be a good idea to assign someone at Bonanza to keep abreast of the USPS changes taking place. That way Bonanza won't be playing catch-up. EBay, Amazon, and some of the other platforms made these changes over a year ago when they saw these USPS changes coming. Just a suggestion.

Also, one other thing, and it's just another suggestion. Get Bonanza integrated with Stamps.com so that sellers can use their service if they so choose. Right now, according to Stamps.com Tech Rep, an individual seller can't use their Stamps.com account to sell from Bonanza.

Either that, or get Bonanza's USPS shipping options up to speed so that it is un-necessary for a seller to use their individual Stamps.com account. This is a good suggestion. Think about it. You can thank me later.

Stephen Sherman

Great Deals, Great Prices (Bonanza)

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  • ceoshopper7 commented  · 

    I sell large/ heavier items. Priority mail is way too expensive.

    Giving buyers a parcel select option is the difference between making a sell or not. I have to list these items on other sites. I would prefer to use Bonanza but items won't sell with out parcel select option.

  • pktaddeini commented  · 

    I normally ship most everything Media, First Class, and Priority. Usually because most customers don't want to wait...... and I get great feedback from my customers when there package arrives in 3-4 days.

  • John3:16thru17 commented  · 

    I am new to Bonanza, and I appreciate your detailed and educated suggestion to Bonanza; I am giving this idea one of my votes.

  • GreatDealsGreatPrice commented  · 

    Well, it has been quite a while now since I called this to your attention, Bonanza Management. And, you have done absolutely nothing about it. So, the only conclusion I can reach is that you just could care less. So, just to let you know, I'll be selling anything that has a shipping weight of over 13 ounces (qualifies for first class shipping) on other platforms like eBay that do have this figured out. And, that's too bad. I have a lot of high dollar items that won't get listed on your site. And, I thought Bonanza was going to be a good platform to have as a primary platform. My mistake. Don't worry. I'll spread the word.

  • crackersplace commented  · 

    I'm going to look more into the Economy shipping prices now that you say this! I normally ship most everything Media, First Class, and Priority. Usually because most customers don't want to wait.

    I do have one suggestion though with changing things like this. Please consider what happens when removing a shipping service from the offerings! The last time a shipping service was removed from Bonz all my items that had that shipping service defaulted to First Class. I did not realize what was going on, and several of my items were sold with not enough shipping. So in turn I lost profits on these items due to this.

    If removing a shipping option please consider the sending a report to the sellers of which items are set to the service you are removing. Maybe consider adding something under batch editing for the user to make these changes?? I'm not sure but that was very aggravating because I have quite a few items listed, and it would take forever to go through them.

  • GreatDealsGreatPrice commented  · 

    I'm new to Bonanza and really am unfamiliar with how this feedback process works or the time involved. But, we're in Quarter 4 Bonanza Management. And, if you want sellers who have no access to USPS Retail Ground Shipping to be listing on this site, you need to be making a decision on this, like as of yesterday.

    Do you want to make an option to ship by ground available to all of your sellers under your Calculated shipping?

    Or, do you want to drive sellers away from Bonanza to competitor sites?

    When a problem like this (which is pretty much a no brainer) was called to my attention when I was in management for 30+ years, I'd order it fixed immediately. And, if it didn't get fixed, people assigned to fix it would have had to have an extraordinary reason for not getting it fixed.

    And, if someone told me it couldn't be fixed (which is pure BS), then I'd replace them with someone who would get the job done, fast.

    It's Quarter 4, Bonanza Management. You know, the time of year with the highest sales potential. So, my suggestion is to perform now or relinquish the receptacle.

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