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Allow "Free Shipping" Discount to be Limited to US Buyers Only.

Our booth offers Free Shipping on orders over a certain amount. While this is profitable for our domestic sales, we cannot afford the same discount for international customers.

Please add an option to allow Free Shipping discounts to buyers based in the US, while still allowing sellers to charge shipping for the much more expensive international shipments.

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apextactical shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • gearseller2 commented  · 

    You can go to batch editor to set up your domestic and/or international shipping charges for any item

  • lnldiamond2 commented  · 

    Oh HECK yes we cannot afford to ship free outside of the USA

  • EmpressDepot commented  · 

    You just answered one of my questions. I recently set up free shipping on purchases totaling $150 or more. Now I will delete it since this includes international. You've got my three votes.

  • shopswapsell commented  · 

    I already have this on my listings. :)

  • Delirium_Comics commented  · 

    I do the same thing but don't allow international sales. I see that Bonanza now has a Global Shipping solution similar to eBays so you could use that in which case you pay shipping to Kentucky (which I do believe is charged to the customer as if they lived in the US) and then they pay Bonanza's forwarded the cost of sending if from Kentucky to where ever they live.

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