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Scrolling Catagory List in Booth

Could you make the "booth category" scroll as a potential buyer is in the booth? Meaning if they scroll to page 2 or 3 (or in my case 8) this would be seen? People do get tired / board after a while scrolling, and if they saw the category's on each page, maybe they would stay longer

Just a thought

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  • EmpressDepot commented  · 

    I hope you all do this soon. I was just shopping in someone's booth with over 8, 000 items. It was so hard to get back up to the top of the seller's booth. Plus, when using the scroll bar does not make the pages go back up to the top perfectly smooth. We've got to remember to provide the user with an easy/smooth as can be shopping experience.

  • ReddyGiftware commented  · 

    Thanks for letting me know about the Submit an Idea feature! I've tried submitting a plea for improved visibility of the Dolls & Bears category and hope it will pass approval with the Moderator. In the meantime I've been searching for & contacting sellers of Dolls & Bears directly to line up votes for it in case it comes up for a vote.

    I added 3 votes to this from me!

  • EmpressDepot commented  · 

    I definitely would like this. I'd rather click from page to page and at least my customers would be able to navigate the categories better than what they can now. As it stands, they have to scroll all the way back up to the top. That can be a pretty long scrolling task. I like the idea of what shopswapsell suggested...a floating category list would be awesome along with the search box floating as well!!!

  • InspiredCreations commented  · 

    Great suggestion. Now if we can only have more votes to vote with!

  • Once_Again commented  · 

    How can we get more votes on this?

  • shopswapsell commented  · 

    I will elaborate on this and request a "floating" booth search box & category list (so they don't have to scroll all the way back to the top or first page to perform those actions!

  • tomwayne1 commented  · 

    Absolutely, this would be a great thing to have.

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